Project Management


  • Led a business transformation project to lower the cost of Ipsos Marketing surveys, then the largest business of Ipsos. Survey duration reduced by 30% 9 months after project start.
  • Led the business requirements, project team assembling (Ipsos, Accenture, Oracle) and implementation outsourcing (in USA and UK) of Ipsos’ JD Edwards-based CRM system. System operational in 66 countries 24 months after project start.
  • Led the business requirements and implementation outsourcing (in India) of Ipsos Loyalty data analytics and visualization platform. Platform operational in 7 countries 9 months after project start.
  • Aligned all of Ipsos Group IT investments (196 projects) with the corporate business and finance strategy in the context of the financial crisis of 2008-2009. Reduced the number of projects and budget by 45%.
  • Led the design, outsourcing (in UK and France), and rollout of Ipsos Media platform for passive measurement of radio through smartphones, TV through tablets, and Web through PCs. Platform deployed in UK, Italy, and Kenya 18 months after project start.
  • Managed the internationalization of Ipsos Media ad planning and purchasing product, initially started in France. Product rolled out in Latin America (Ipsos’ largest market in media planning) in less than 9 months.

  • ALUManaged R&D, new-product, and platform projects for different operational units of Alcatel-Lucent worldwide.
  • Granted 2 patents on the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies for troubleshooting Alcatel-Lucent networks.